Scuba Diving Adventure Near from Jasri Beach

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jasri surfing beach

Jasri beach is not like other top beach estination of Bali because this place is quite new as a tourist destination. But from its location the Jasri beach can be your choice of summer vacation in the future. If interested to have your vacation destination in Jasri beach then you might wondering what kind of activities and fun you will get over there. Jasri beach as other vacation destination of Bali will offer unlimited number of activities which can trigger your interest though most of all located in nearby area from Jasri beach.

If you want something that can be an educational activities and at the same time can pump your adrenalin then you can try to have a scuba diving adventure. There are several dive spots near from the beach of Jasri which offer beautiful underwater panorama. The sea from various beaches near from Jasri beach is quite clear filled with corral reefs and amazing sea life. Beaches near from Jasri beach probably the best place in the world to go on your scuba diving adventure. Some of the beaches like Tulamben beach, Padang Bai beach is popular among divers from around the world and will continue to bring tourists from all around the world coming.

As mention above the Tulamben beach, Padang Bai beach and also Amed beach is the place for scuba diving near from Jasri beach but somehow if you are afraid or not yet able to dive before then you dont have to worry as many scuba diving institution will guide you on your scuba dive adventure on these areas. Scuba diving lessons can be obtain at many diving establishment around Bali. After a three day course like the Open Water Dive you will be able to enjoy scuba diving on these beautiful places.

By using professionals guide than your scuba diving tours will be safe and you will be able to avoid many accidents that happen in the open waters. That is why you advised to learn how to dive first with the professional. Around Candidasa just 15 minutes from Jasri beach you may find scuba dive professional where you can booked your scuba diving tours.

As mention above this is just some sample of what you can get when you choose to have your vacation in Jasri beach. This beach can be your future ideal family vacation or your romantic getaway. If you want to plant your vacation in Jasri beach just contact us so we can help you arrange the private villa and the fun activities you can get here.

Jasri Villas

1 Bedroom Villa

1 bedroom beachfront villa1 Bedroom beachfront villa in Jasri beach Bali suitable for honeymooners or romantic getaways.

Beachfront Villa

Aashaya villa jasriVilla Aashaya Jasri
Aashaya jasri is one of the accommodation available around the beach of Jasri. This beach accommodation is perfect for surfers to enjoy the waves of the Indian ocean.

Villa Aashaya Jasri

Villa Agung Jasri

villa agung jasriLocated around the village of Jasri, this beachfront villa has remarkable views of the beach and at the same time the mount Agung at the back.

Villa Agung Jasri

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