Ter Teran - Fire War in Jasri Village

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ter teran in Jasri beach

The fire war tradition in Jasri village Karangasem is a once in two years events which occur one day before the silent day or Nyepi day. The fire war will start around 6pm in the evening after the sun going down. The location take place at the central road in Jasri village which goes to Tulamben. Just follow the road through the Jasri Beach then after the gas station you will find cross section with a statue of a women holding salak fruit. from this cross section just go straighht around 100m.


The procession start by the villagers having a ceremonial or caru offerings then every body gathered on the street holding dry coconut leaves which has been tied around the size of human arms. Then the leaves fired on and used as the weapon for eash side of the groups. Within the two groups separated by a wire made from plastic thread as a marker of each side teritory. The fire war is mean to be a symbolic event of self control where during the war every one of the participants will throw the fire with emotions and at the same time must be alert to aviod danger. After the ceremony completed usually around 5 rounds no one should keep the anger or revenge.

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